The New Super Mario Bros. series has got four games so far. The first was original with great minigames. The second introduced multiplayer and new power-ups, plus an extra world. The third was a total rip-off of New Super Mario Bros. Wii. But it was alright... Even though they had 9 worlds, I don't count World Flower as a world. (Look at it and you'll find out why. This next one will probably be awesome, like Super Mario World. (BUT THE KOOPALINGS ARE ALL I NEED AGAIN.)

But really what I'm saying is - what do you think the next game will be like? And for what console? BUT I hope it's not any time soon, I'm gettin' bored of the series and the Koopalings, and we NEED Super Mario Sunshine 2!! Comment below!

496px-Thunder Cloud LightningLuigi93 496px-Thunder Cloud

EDIT: Night vision and ancient versions.
Night vision
NSMB2's future!!!


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